Our mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of the needs of people affected by Lymphangiomatosis and related conditions and have a positive impact on their lives

Our objectives

  • We will seek to inspire those affected by the conditions to have the best quality of life possible
  • We will promote and support services in the United Kingdom that are of benefit to those we are seeking to help, this includes referring individuals to and making them aware of, additional groups, organisations and programmes
  • In addition, we seek to build relationships with the LGDA-US and its European partner, LDGA-Europe, to further enhance knowledge and understanding
  • We will support research into the causes and treatments of Lymphangiomatosis and related conditions (such as Gorham Stout Disease) by providing grants for research
  • Our aim is to increase awareness of the conditions through marketing, media and social media campaigns – spreading the word that those affected are not alone
  • We vow to provide a valued network for those supporting a loved one with Lymphangiomatosis and related conditions.