Would you like a second opinion from an expert doctor?

Due to the success of two previous expert clinics organised by Dr Lopez-Guttierrez at La Paz Hospital in Madrid, further clinic dates have been released that may be of interest to you.  The first date is Thursday 20th December, with the second following on the 17th January 2019.

Dr. Lopez-Guttierrez is a specialist in the field of paediatric surgery and paediatric reconstructive surgery. He is one of the prime doctors in the area of vascular anomalies and has high credentials concerning expertise with lymphatic malformations, specifically GLA, GSD and KLA.  These clinics are open to both adults and children.

His vascular anomalies team is located at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid (Spain).

What can you expect as a patient?

Dr. Lopez-Guttierrez and his team will review your clinical current status, recent X-ray exams, genetic background (even free genetic studies on patients with no mutations diagnosed are possible) and a therapeutic evaluation.

In case of patients needing special x-ray exams (lymphatic MRI and intranodal lymphangiography), these will have to be organized at a later date.

In order to help the team view your case, please arrange to take with you a PDF document with your most recent and relevant clinical information and also, your most recent x-rays and imaging.


This is a fantastic opportunity for our patient community.  We had very positive feedback from all of the patients that attended previous clinics.  If you are interested in attended future clinics or would like more information, please contact us at .