Tarynn Heasley from the UK is the mother of Saffron a young girl affected by lymphangiomatosis.  This year Tarynn decided to run 2 marathons and 2 ultra-marathons in 4 months to raise money for the Alfie Milne Lymphangiomatosis Trust.

At the time of writing this article, Tarynn has completed 3 out of the 4 events.  She is today in South Africa and will today take on her biggest challenge yet, a 90km run.

Tarynn told us that Saffron is doing very well just now but she knows that this is not the case for all people living with this diagnosis.  She went on to say, ‘Everybody knows how hard it is to raise money, let alone money for very rare diseases that few people know about. For this reason, I asked everybody who knows our family or has heard about our family through friends, family and colleagues to please do what you can for lymphangiomatosis. Every donation counts, no matter how small’.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Tarynn through her challenges and helped her raise a staggering £935.