We have had fantastic support in our fundraising efforts so far from our community and local businesses. We want to strive on this year and participate in more events. Throughout the year we are looking for donations for things that we can sell on our craft stall. Anything that is handmade, e.g. knitted items, jewellery, cards, sewing, paintings, photos. If you have a talent then you can help.

We are looking to have a stall at the some of the Fairs that take place in the Aberdeen area over the next few months, any events that we organise and then a stall at Culter Gala in May. If anyone would be willing to make ‘Tablet’ (A type of fudge) to sell on our stall please send me your details and I can contact you before an event to see if you can help. If you are willing to help support our cause and you own a website, we will be willing to link to your website. Please contact us for more details on how you can help.