Rare Disease Day is only a few weeks away. We have joined forces with two other families within the UK that are affected by Lymphangiomatosis and Gorham’s Disease. We will all be holding events at our local hospitals, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, Bristol Children’s Hospital and John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford. We will be displaying information on Rare Disease Day, the work of the LGDA and patient story’s. We are hoping that this will help to spread the word and encourage other people to come forward to raise awareness of other rare diseases on this day in the future.

Culter Creative Art Kids have all been busy designing posters for Rare Disease Day. The three groups, Culter Primary’s 1 -3 and 4-7 and Hillhead of Banchory Primary’s 4-7 have all been working hard and the winning poster will appear on Alfie’s facebook page as his profile picture over the next few weeks. You can have a look at all of their work by visiting Alfie’s facebook page by following the link.

ATP Travel in Aberdeen will be marking the day by wearing a bright colour to the office. Staff will be selling some home baking to help raise some funds to help our cause – Thank you ATP for getting involved.

Sizewell B Power Station in Suffolk will be holding a huge cake sale on the day and will be asking employees to wear a bright colour and to make a donation. A big thank you goes to them and to the ladies that will be organising the event.

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Records Department will be wearing a bright colour to work and making a donation.

The Old Bank Bar, Peterculter, Aberdeen will be holding a coffee morning.

You still have time to get involved. If you are not working just now you can still help. Invite a few friends round for coffee or treat yourselves and go out. Take a picture of yourselves displaying one of our posters and send it in.